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In other news, alcoholic drinks emerged in China as early as B. So now you can think about where the oar originated the next time you go kayaking, rowing, or paddleboarding. China developed a written language around B. Silk weaving became a practice in China around B. Ever since then, silk has been a highly sought-after luxury fabric around the world.

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This time period also saw the invention of soap in Babylon and glass in Egypt. Additionally, ink was invented in China. Ink was heavily traded through India — thus, the name Indian ink. First editions of the parasol emerged in Egypt, China, and Assyria. They were initially made from tree leaves, and then eventually animal skins or paper, in China's case. In Mesopotamia and Egypt, irrigation canals were invented.

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In B. This led to the design of paper kites in C.

The first record of a paper kite was when it was used as a message vehicle during a rescue mission. China also saw the invention of the collapsible umbrella, which was made of waterproofed silk and used by royalty.

Top 10 Sumerian Inventions and Discoveries

The crossbow was another original device by the Chinese. During the Zhou Dynasty, an easily reloadable and triggered device was needed to advance warfare. Other classical Chinese inventions included the wheelbarrow, abacus, and an early version of a seismometer. It is believed that mirrors made of metal-backed glass were first seen in Lebanon around C.

The number system spread to Europe via Arab mathematicians — hence, the name Indo-Arabic. The first confirmed reference to the paired stirrups we know today was in China during the Jin Dynasty. However, paired stirrups could not have existed without a solid-treed saddle. But the first edition of a solid-treed saddle was seen in China around B. Ice cream had its origins in China with flavored ices. But if you think ice cream, you're probably thinking about Italy's famous gelato.

Brainstorm all of the scenarios in which your invention could be used, not just the main one you had in mind when you conceived of it. Challenge yourself. More on that later. The knowledge you gain from studying the prior art will help you think about additional variations of your invention. In the end, the intellectual property you file will be so much stronger — and thus valuable — as a result. This strategy has worked well for me. When I came up with an innovation that added more space to labels, I figured there would be copycats if it took off.

So I began envisioning as many variations as possible, including manufacturing processes, materials and uses, and patenting those. I ended up in federal court because someone had found a workaround We settled two weeks before trial. I relied on the same strategy when the company I later sold that patent portfolio to hired me to develop and expand the technology.

At the time, 13 patents had already been issued on it. What more could possibly be filed? They disagreed, and patiently encouraged me to take my time examining the claims that had been issued through a different lens. And guess what? They were right. I had to start inventing again.

Eventually, I was able to get seven more patents on, you guessed it: That same technology. Consider visiting manufacturing facilities to stimulate your thinking. One of the best ways of protecting your invention is by knowing how to manufacture it faster and cheaper than anyone else.

Ancient Egyptian Technology and Inventions

To that end, stay current. Where is the industry headed? How does the newest technology work? Make decisions based not only on the present. It doesn't hurt to stay abreast of what your competitors are up to either. You can do so in part by reading their patent applications.