Introduction to Potable Water Treatment Processes

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Introduction to Potable Water Treatment Processes / Edition 1

Whether turbid water is harmful or just unattractive depends on the material present. Many time-tested water treatment processes are still in use today in primary treatment stages. The history of water treatment goes back thousands of years, as far as Minoan civilization, circa BCE, and the ancient Egyptians, who first used alum flocculation and sedimentation to clarify water circa BCE. Sedimentation is allowing particles in turbid water to settle.

Potable water treatment equipment.

The understanding of microbiology that came with the work of Dr. John Snow and Louis Pasteur in the s had great implications for water treatment. Research connected turbidity to pathogens, and sand filters were first used for treatment of a public water supply in London.

Introduction to Wastewater Treatment

Municipal water systems in the United States followed suit in the early s, and the process of filtration with layers of sand, gravel, and charcoal remains widespread today. But disinfectants like chlorine in America and ozone in Europe played the largest role in ending epidemics of waterborne diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, and cholera. Today, municipal water supplies routinely prechlorinate to prevent algae and biological growth, or chlorinate in the final stages of water treatment. Chlorination in conjunction with aeration is also used to remove dissolved iron, and aeration effectively removes volatile organic compounds VOCs.

Other disinfection methods include ultraviolet UV light and pH adjustment. In modern times, advances in technology have built on the foundation of older treatments. One also needs to recall that the main treatments applicable to this category of water tend to be those described in chapters biological processes , treatment and conditioning of industrial water and separation by membranes. Therefore, to render water potable, there exists an entire range of technologies of which practically none are truly specific to any of the pollutant types referred to above. As already emphasised, the processes and technologies outlined in table 1 vary widely in terms of cost capital investment and operational as well as operating limitations and performance.

Note: although residuals handling sludge, saturated adsorbants, membrane backwash waste… , with or without preliminary treatment, is not covered in detail within this chapter, it remains an integral component of the overall cost and must therefore be considered when selecting the optimal treatment design.

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What is water disinfection?

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