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You can expect a response within 2 business days which will be displayed in your Message Centre. See product details. Ask a question: 0 Answers. Derived from the content of the respected McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th Edition, this quick-find resource provides thousands of definitions of words and phrases encountered in the fields of electrical and computer engineering. Additional features include: a pronunciat From R Recommended Offers. View Offer. View All Offers. Derived from the content of the respected McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th Edition, this quick-find resource provides thousands of definitions of words and phras Product Details.

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McGraw-Hill Companies. Derived from the content of the respected McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms , 6th Edition, this quick-find resource provides thousands of definitions of words and phrases encountered in the fields of electrical and computer engineering. Also known as dead room; freefieldto measure fluid depth by pressure of the fluidroom. A room completely lined with a against a bellows which in turn acts on a manom-material that absorbs radio waves at a particular eter or signal transmitter.

Also known as glue block. Also known angle of radiation. Also known as depression angle; de-sum of the measured angles of a closed figure scending vertical angle; minus angle. Also known as triangle cending line, as from an observer to an object;equation. Alsoangle fillet [ENG] A wooden strip, triangular in known as ascending vertical angle; elevationcross section, which is used to cover the internal angle. Also known as to measure temperatures in oil-custody tanks;angle of bite; nip. Also known as angle of are placed at angles with respect to the verticalobliquity.

Also known as angle of friction. Also known asto rest when poured or dumped in a pile or on tenthmeter. Also known as angle of repose. Also known as angle of twist. Also known as angle gear. Also known as annealingspindle of the milling machine. Also known as moment of momentum. For a Also known as annealing temperature; Also known as angular rate.

The collector of electrons in an electron tube. Also known as plate current. Abbreviated ABS. Producing a rich glow on theter of the radar beam. A technique of handling wet paintthe cathode is focused and from which x-rays to expose parts of the undercoat, by combing,are emitted.

The part of a machine that ab- such as fuses for protection against excessivesorbs the energy delivered by a sharp force orcurrent in circuits which supply portable electricblow. The stationary end of a micrometerappliances. A hard-apparent expansion [THERMO] The expansion surfaced area, usually paved, adjacent to a ship of a liquid with temperature, as measured in a or the like, used to park, load, unload, or servicegraduated container without taking into account vehicles.

In a railroad system, a bridgeare the Coriolis force and the centrifugal force structure that carries tracks and is hinged to landincorporated in gravity. Also known as plate-beltinwardly directed horizontal components; com-mon uses for the arch are as a bridge, supportfeeder; plate feeder. The flashing that coving. A curved chimney bar. A curved bar in a window sash. A cylindrical device posiwallsand floors. A shaft or spindle used toarch-gravity dam [CIV ENG] An arch dam stabiholda revolving cutting tool or the work to belized by gravity due to great mass and breadthcut.

Aforcing an arbor or a mandrel into drilled or system of arches. The arched part of a strucboredparts preparatory to turning or grinding. The graduated scale of an instru- architectural engineering [CIV ENG] The branchment for measuring angles, as a marine sextant; of engineering dealing primarily with building A source of light withtent of a building calculated by multiplying thesignificant dimensions in two directions, suchfloor area by the height.

The art and science of de- area meter [ENG] A mechanism to measuresigning buildings. The product of this art and fluid flow rate through a fixed-area conduit byscience. The angular disandutilities for a basement. Also known asshaped wick, allowing a current of air inside asarc of action. The angular distance a pulley well as outside the flame.

An arch or vault in artificial ground [ELEC] A common correctiona thick wall carrying the thickness of the wall, for a radio-frequency electrical or electronic cirespeciallyone over a door or window frame. A relieving arch behind the face of a wall. A harbor formed by dredgthatraises the slates of a ro of against a chimney ing. Also known as hip tile. Of a sheet of paper,stants of the human head; used for calibrating the dimensions 8. Syn- limeters by millimeters. The ratio of frameported by wall framing, forming a wall or wallfacing. In any rectangularas-built drawing See as-fitted drawing.

Also known as tire pr of ile. Also existing surface, prior to the placement of aknown as as-built drawing; as-made drawing. A plain bead molding. Anumbers of operators or machines to each oper- member, or combination of members, fixed toation of an assembly line so as to meet the one of a pair of doors or casement windows torequired production rate with a minimum of idle cover the joint between the meeting stiles andtime. The elapsed time after a gas at speeds high enough to cause ablation;the application of an adhesive until its strength for example, the interaction of a meteoroid withbecomes effective.

The time elapsed in performingthe atmosphere. A layer of astronomical traverse [ENG] A survey traversestonework. Also known as a single atom or molecule on a metal surface; itatmidometer; evaporation gage; evaporimeter. Abbreviated atm. Also known as standard atmosphere. A wood-boring tool thatopening is wider at the threshold than at the consists of a shank with spiral channels endingtop.

A large augerlike toolcated in the attic space of a residence; usually for boring into soil. The hole drilled by theforces to grasp a workpiece. See auger drilling. Also known as auger boring. Also spelled augette. Alsogrinding of material by tumbling the materialknown as linear taper. Also known as automaticknown as autogenous mill. Also known as checkweigher. Also known as spontaneous combustion.

Abbreviated AGV. Also known as regulating system. Abbreviated ADP. Also known automatic regulation See automatic control. Also known as power slips. Also known as mechanical stoker. Abbreviated ALC. The use of technology to irregularities. The mechanisms,machines, and systems that save or eliminate tween the engine and drive wheels of an automo-labor, or imitate actions typically associated with tive vehicle, a principal function being to enablehuman beings. Also known als, such as a passenger car, bus, truck, motorcyascar. Also known as motor grader. Alsotraction slows or stops the vehicle.

Also known asvehicle. Rotation about any axis availability ratio [IND ENG] The ratio of the of a body that is symmetrical and exposed to a amount of time a system is actually available foruniform airstream and maintained only by aero- use to the amount of time it is supposed to bedynamic moments. Rotation of a stalled available. The cumulative processauxiliary latch bolt See auxiliary dead latch.

Alsowaterwheel, or generator of a power-generating known as avalanche effect; cascade; cumulativestation. Cumulativeing the principal rafter in a truss. The noise produced when a junction diode is of fuels used in spark-ignition aircraft engines. Abbreviated AOQL. Also known as propeller pump. Also known as axisstage and multistage pumps, the summation of of twist.

Also known as modulus of optical axis of a lens, particularly a lens used insimple longitudinal extension. Also known as azimuth bar;Also known as symmetry axis. Any of the reference limits insertedphotographs selected from overlapping flights. Bbackacter See backhoe. Also known as flap hinge. Also known as liquids, mixtures, or substances into the distrib-backbend.

At the outer edge of a any other than its intended source. See backband. Voltage ap- backflow valve See backwater valve. Signals on a radaritself. See clutter. Also known as inner hearth. An accumulation of orderssonry surface of a wall that is faced with finerpromising future work and pr of it. The earth backfill of a retaining wall. A lockingmetal from badly worn bits. To unscrew or disconnect. To withdraw the drill bit from a borehole. An order held for futureduces the pressure to an intermediate value,A new order placed for pre-usually between and 0.

Alsoviously unavailable materials of an old order. The difference manufacturing water gas in which part of the runbetween the actual values of a quantity when a is made down, by passing steam through thedial controlling this quantity is brought to a superheater, thence up through the carburetor,given position by a clockwise rotation and when down through the generator, and direct to theit is brought to the same position by a counter- scrubbers. A thin strip which lines a upper edge stiffened by a metal rib to ensurewindow casing, next to the wall and opposite straight cuts.

Also used to measure the radiation scattered at known as back boxing; back jamb. That piece to the direction of the incident wave. Reading a levlateeling rod in its unchanged position after movingfinish times dates for all uncompleted netelingthe leveling instrument to a different location. A plane-table travity. In an ion-exchangeestablished map line, the table being rotated resin system, an upward flow of water throughuntil the line of sight is coincident with the corparticlesafter exhaustion. See blowback. A tool used inside a pipe or culvert to removeany excess mortar or deposits. Alsospecified robotic joint positions.

A supporting cable that prefollowingconduction. A spring used to keep together theflue or a gasoline muffler. A flexible cover used in bag moldaddition of commercial-grade mercaptans to a ing. A container made of paper, plastic, orpetroleum stock having excess free sulfur in or- cloth without rigid walls to transport or storeder to reduce free sulfur by forming a disulfide. An item under development intended baghouse [ENG] The large chamber or room forto perform the same general functions that an- holding bag filters used to filter gas streams fromother item also under development performs.

A compressible material used behind a sealant bag molding [ENG] A method of molding plastoreduce its depth and to support the sealant tic or plywood-plastic combinations into curvedagainst sag or indentation. Also known as bailing bucket. Also known as balance bar. Alsobalance pipe [ENG] A pipe in a compressed-air known as ball-bearing pulverizer. A wheel which as ball joint. See flywheel. Also known as traverse road bed to support the ties, hold the track inadjustment.


A large package of material, blocks of waste stone to break them or to swingpressed tightly together, tied with rope, wire, or against old buildings to demolish them. Alsohoops and usually covered with wrapping. A cor The amount of material in a bale; sometimes ing and sampling device consisting of a hollowused as a unit of measure, as pounds glass ball, 3 to 5 inches 7. The ability of a produce the same effect on a projectile as theprojectile to overcome the resistance of the air; actual temperature distribution encountered bydepends chiefly on the weight, diameter, and the projectile in flight.

During a drilling operation,collection by a portion of the drilling equipmentacteristics in which a definite band of frequen- of a mass of viscous consolidated material. Also known as2. Failure of an anchor to hold on a s of t bottom, flat top response. Also known as band course; bandunder tension. Also known as band switch. One of two rafters thatthat can make only two types of motions. One of the raftersbang-zero-bang control [CONT SYS] A type of under the barge course which serve as groundscontrol in which the control values are at their for the vergeboards and carry the plastering ormaximum, zero, or minimum.

Also known as boarding of the s of fits. Also known as bargebang-bang- of f control. An assemblage of fixed contacts overbarge spike See boat spike. Alsobenzene solvent, followed by separation fromknown as float. Also known as barker. Also known as rag bolt. A container having a circu-aneroid barometers.

A piece of approximate elevation differences in surveying small pipe inserted in the end of a cartridge towith the aid of a barometer; used especially for carry the squib to the powder. That portion of large areas. The unit of dry volume equal to ment of atmospheric pressure, with particular quarts approximately liters. A unit of reference to ascertaining and correcting the weight that varies in size according to the commodityerrors of the different types of barometer.

Alsoa mercury barometer in the centimeter- known as tower bolt. A pressure-operated is generated that diffuses and contacts them. Any threaded connecting pipe. Also known as barometric switch. A ro of of semicylindrical See barrelvault. Abbreviated BCD. Abbreviated BD; bpd. Abbreviated BM; bpm. Abbreviated BSD.

Also known as depletion-layer capaci- basal tunnel [ENG] A water supply tunnel contance;junction capacitance. The region that lies betweenradioactive material is being used or processed an emitter and a collector of a transistor andby remote-control equipment. The plastic, ceramic, or other insulating boardcess for wheeled materials-handling carriers on that supports a printed wiring pattern.

A surveyed line, establishedapplied to the majority-carrier contact base of with more than usual care, to which surveys area transistor. A block of any material, cardinal line extending east and west along thegenerally with little or no ornament, forming the astronomic parallel passing through the initiallowest member of a base, or itself fulfilling the point, along which standard township, section,functions of a base, as a member applied to the and quarter-section corners are established.

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See skirting block. Also known as skirt; skirting. The flashing provided base shoe [BUILD] A molding at the base of aby upturned edges of a watertight membrane on baseboard. Any metal or composition flashing at base shoe corner [BUILD] A molding piece orthe joint between a ro of ing surface and a vertical block applied in the corner of a room to eliminatesurface, such as a wall or parapet. When an earthbasebaseplate for supporting it. The quantity of material repredeterminedmotion-time standards for basic quired for or produced by one operation. Abbreviated BMT study. A dock employing floodgatesuid is fed continuously into the still.

A harbor for small craft. ENG] A machine in which the[MECH ENG] A type of singleingredients of concrete are measured and comtubecore barrel made from thin-wall tubing withthe lower end notched into points, which is intheconcrete mixer. Also known asthe electrical conductivity of sea water at batter post. Also known as brace pile; spurbathymetry [ENG] The science of measuring pile. A post at one side of atopography. See batter brace. Abbreviated BT. Also known asor other processing equipment operatedbathythermosphere. A sawed timber strip of spe- to dress stone to a striated surface. A strip of wood nailed across a door or other of many different sulfur compounds, par-structure made of parallel boards to strengthen it ticularly mercaptans into hydrogen sulfide, takesand prevent warping.

See furring. Also knownin the slots. Boxing-in or coveringmolding decorated with a pattern of disks alter of a larger beam. Strips of wood used toa joist, beam, or girder to give the appearancenating with round or elongated beads. Alsoknown as reel and bead. Also subjected simultaneously to axial load andknown as bead-and-flush panel. Also known asance. An under the end of a wall-bearing beam to distrib-opening in the form for a column or girder where ute the load over a broader area. A laborer who shovels or dumps asbestosbearing [CIV ENG] That portion of a beam, truss, fibers and sprays them with water in order toor other structural member which rests on the prepare them for the beating.

In masonry and bricklaying,be rotated manually about an axis coincident the side of a masonry unit on which the unit lieswith the center of the plan position indicator; in the course of the wall; the underside when Bedaux planthe unit is placed horizontally. The layer of vacuum, holding gases, or covering objects. A base the property that whatever the initial state andwhich is prepared in soil or concrete for laying decisions are, the remaining decisions must con-masonry or concrete. A horizontal layer of morbellows[ENG] 1.

A mechanism that expandstar on which masonry units are laid. One of and contracts, or has a rising and falling top, tothe radial joints in an arch. The lowest member of through a tube. Any of several types of encloaband of moldings. Any molding under asures which have accordionlike walls, allowingprojection, such as between eaves and sidewalls. See aneroid capsule. The behavpressurein which the pressure on a bellows, withioral operating characteristics of individuals and the end plate attached to a spring, causes agroups in terms of how these people are condi- measurable movement of the plate.

A hollow metallic cylinder closed form of a bellows which prevents leakage of airat one end and flared at the other; it is used or gas. See bell tap. Also known as bench-scale testing [ENG] Testing of materials,belt highway; ring road. Also known as side hook. ENG] 1. The characteristic of an ob-ject, such as a machine part, that is curved. A section of pipe that is curved. Concrete laid on the sideformed by a rope fastened to an object or anotherslopes of drainage channels where the slopesrope.

Concrete laid on sloping sites as a safeguardthe neutral axis between the tangent points of against sliding. Concrete laid along the sides a bend in any material. The forming of a metal part,bench lathe [MECH ENG] A small engine or by pressure, into a curved or angular shape, ortoolroom lathe suitable for attachment to a the stretching or flanging of it along a curvedworkbench; bed length usually does not exceed path. The forming of a wooden member to6 feet 1. Alsomoments located between a cross section and known as coal hydrogenation. Also known asing to the curvature of a bent specimen or part,berylometer.

Also desilverized lead. The angle between one line stresses; two act in the same plane and one isor surface and another line or surface, or the zero. A sloping surface or line. A grooved rim used to hold cock. A sloping face on a cutting tool. The effect on teleprinter signals construction, equipment, or services proposedproduced by the electrical characteristics of the to a customer company by one or more supplierline and equipment.

The force applied to a or contractor companies. A direct-current voltage applied to sive to inputs in opposite directions. See grid bias. An alternating electric alike. An electric current flowingstretched by a small weight or spring, are sepa-through the base-emitter junction of a tran- rated by their attraction in opposite directionssistor and adjusted to set the operating point of toward two plate electrodes carrying the voltagethe transistor.

Also known as differentialbiological parameters such as breathing rate,thermometer. Also known as binarydevice. The cutting plate of a plane. Thezeros and ones are treated in a symmetric or blade of a cutting tool such as an ax. A re-bipolar manner, rather than by the presence or movable tooth of a saw. Any cutting deviceabsence of a signal; for example, a balanced which is attached to or part of a drill rod or drillarrangement in a square-loop-ferrite magnetic string to bore or penetrate rocks.

Alsosite face as a cathode surface when an electriccurrent is passed through a cell. Also known as drag bit. Abbreviated BJT. Also known as hohlraum; ideal radiator. The closing of f of flowmeasured by a total radiation pyrometer. Also through a liquid-containing process pipe by theknown as brightness temperature. Also known as blinding.

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Cut-tronic and having known input and output, that of plastic or metal sheets into shapes bycan be readily inserted into or removed from a striking with a punch. Also known as die cut-specific place in a larger system without knowlblast[ENG] The setting of f of a heavy explosiveting. Alsotrolled burst of air or oxygen under pressure isproximate a blackbody by covering it with lampknownas blast lamp. The broad, flat surfaceset of heat-transfer coils through which air is of a bulldozer or snowplow by which the materialforced by a fan operating at a relatively highis moved.

The part of a cutting tool, such asvelocity. The hole through whichtating component of a water treatment plant; water enters in the bottom of a pump stock. Cleaning materials by a blastlump. The act of detonating an explocut of f the electron beam of a television picture sive. Also known as the spark of a fuse; used for detonating highbeam blank.

The result of the final explosives. See blasting fuse [ENG] A core of gunpowder in theblind. A thin layer of lean concrete,ment of certain components of a plastic materialfine gravel, or sand that is applied to a surface toto the surface of a finished article. Also knownsmooth over voids in order to provide a cleaner,as migration.

A layer of smallliquid from a liquid-solid or semisolid mixture;rock chips applied over the surface of a freshlyfor example, separation of oil from a stored lubritarredroad. See blanking. Also known as bleedout. Also known as deadbleed valve [ENG] A small-flow valve connected area. A metal or wood case enusedfor compounding gasoline, including natu- closing one or more pulleys; has a hook withral gasoline, catalytically reformed products, and which it can be attached to an object. Also known as blendstock. Fluorescence in lubricating oilsnately in more than one operation; for example, or a cloudy surface on varnished or enameleda catalytic reactor will first produce a chemical surfaces.

To apply an antireflection coatingproduct and then will be blocked from the main to glass. A continuous streamblocker-type forging [ENG] A type of forging for of liquid or gas bled through air lines from instru-designs involving the use of large radii and draft ments and to the process line being monitored;angles, smooth contours, and generous allowances. Reverse flow of fluidblock hole [ENG] A small hole drilled into a through a filter medium to remove caked solids.

Alsoin launching the rocket. The activity that known as acid blowcase; acid egg. Applying a high negative solids from a process vessel or storage vessel orbias to the grid of an electron tube to reduce its a line by the use of pressure. Overloading a receiver difference between the pressure at which theby an unwanted signal so that the automatic safety valve opens and the closing pressure. Distortion occurring in a resistancecapacitance-coupledblowdown line [CHEM ENG] A large conduit toelectron tube amplifier receive and confine fluids forced by pressurestage when grid current flows in the following from process vessels.

Also known as blowing. Thebursting of a container such as a tube pipe,boards which slide between two rollers; after thepneumatic tire, or dam by the pressure of theram falls freely on the forging, it is raised byfriction between the rotating rollers. Alsocontained fluid. The rupture left by suchknown as board hammer. A long, straight tube, used incentimeters , or the volume of a board 1 footglass blowing, on which molten glass is gatheredsquare and 1 inch thick.

Abbreviated bd-ft. A batch of boards. Covandsoldering of fine work. See blowtorch. Abbreviated bm. To shape stone or curve furnitureblow rate [ENG] The speed of the cycle at which roughly in preparation for finer work later on. To finish the face of a building stone by cuttingthe forming procedure of blow molding. Also known as boaster. Also knownwhich operates either by having air or oxygen as barge spike. Also known as blast lamp; blowpipe. In blow molding of plas- equal and opposite.

In blown tub- from the outer corners of the cutting lips to theing, the ratio of the diameter of the finished shank or neck. A large spatula-shaped to the body. A supportingboiler feedwater regulation [MECH ENG] Ad-and aligning wheel or roller on the inside dition of water to the steam-generating unit at of an endless track.

A low truck or cart of a rate commensurate with the removal of steamsolid build. A truck or axle to which wheels from the unit. A railroad car or locomotive steam in a boiler. Also known as steam-generatingsupported by a bogie. Abbreviated bhp. Agraphic film. Adhesion between cement or concrete andthe energy of electromagnetic radiation in cer- masonry or reinforcement. Also known as in horsepower-hours, required to crush a shortthermal detector.

Also known as screw blank. Alsothat passes through one member and threadsknown as throughstone. Thebolting [ENG] A fastening system using screwfasteningtogether of two components of a devicethreaded devices such as nuts, bolts, or studs. See cladding. Also known as bonder. A row of joined floating timbers booster pump [MECH ENG] A machine used tothat extend across a river or enclose an area increase pressure in a water or compressed-air of water for the purpose of keeping saw logs pipe.

A temporary floating barrier booster stations [ENG] Booster pumps or comlaunchedon a body of water to contain material, pressors located at intervals along a liquid-prodforexample, an oil spill. A structure con- ucts or gas pipeline to boost the pressure of sisting of joined floating logs placed in a stream the flowing fluid to keep it moving toward itsto retard the flow. Also known as boom ratchet. Also known asa crane that will be struck by the boom if it isMiller generator.

The diameter of a pisbooster[ELEC] A small generator inserted in ton-cylinder mechanism as found in reciprocatseriesor parallel with a larger generator to main- ing engines, pumps, and compressors. Totain normal voltage output under heavy loads. A separate radio-frequency ampli- machine a workpiece to increase the size of anfier connected between an antenna and a tele- existing hole in it. A borehole See drill hole. Determining the course of and theto assign machines to jobs or vice versa target point reached by a borehole, using an so that the efficiency of the least efficient operationazimuth-and-dip recording apparatus smallis maximized.

Abbreviated BDC. Also known as boulder cracker. Alsosteel box containing about 60 pounds 27 kiloknownas Bourdon tube. Also known asto the plane. Alsohoses that connect the master cylinder and theknown as brace key. Also known as shoe.

Also known as arm. Also known as branchcaused by the application of excessive weight, line. Also known as crystal spectrometer; road system that connects to the main line. Also known asthat has a safety feature that guarantees its pro- ultimate load. Also tor cable. The voltage in a work cycle and the point at which a readingmeasured at a specified current in the electrical is made.

Also known as end point; readingbreakdown region of a semiconductor diode. A localized breakwhich an electrical breakdown occurs in a dielec- in a filter cake or precoat that permits fluid totric. The voltage at which an electrical breakdownpass through without being filtered. Alsooccurs in a gas. Also known as break- known as breakpoint. In an ion-exchangedown potential; sparking potential; sparking system, the first appearance of unadsorbed ionsvoltage.

An electrical instrumentdrill customarily used by handsetters to drill the having four or more branches, by means of whichholes in bit blanks in which diamonds are to be one or more of the electrical constants of anset; it includes a plate that is pressed against unknown component may be measured. Also known as crankcase breather. Opening and closing of abridgelike structure spanning the area overplastics mold in orderto let gases escape duringwhich the crane operates. Also known as degassing.

Movebridgefoundation [CIV ENG] The piers andment of gas, vapors, or air in and out of a storageabutments of a bridge, on which the superstructankvent line as a result of liquid expansions andture rests. A unit of heat energy equal to the heat neededthe circuit.

A unit of heat energy that is equalsame part after the bridging. A unit of heat energy whosecup anemometer and pressure-plate anemomepermagnitude is such that 1 British thermal unitter, consisting of an array of cups about a verticalpound equals joules per kilogram; itaxis of rotation, the free rotation of which is is equal to exactly Alsorestricted by a spring arrangement; by adjustmentknown as international table British thermal unit of the force constant of the spring, an angu- Btu IT.

The breakingThe restoration of the diam-ter in diameter is pressed into the material witha standard force usually kilograms ; thedown of the walls between two contiguous drillspherical surface area of indentation is measmetalor plastic by pushing or pulling a broachholes. The process of binding tobroachingbit See reaming bit. Also known asBrunton See Brunton compass. Also knowncaps. A cup on the rim of a Peltona moving part.

A rebrushhopper [IND ENG] A rotating brush thatversed curve at the toe of a spillway to deflectwipes quantities of eyelets, rivets, and otherthe water horizontally and reduce erosiveness. A container on a lift pump or chain pump.

A container on some bulk-handling equipbrushrake [MECH ENG] A device with heavyment,such as a bucket elevator, bucket dredge,duty tines that is fixed to the front of a tractor or bucket conveyor. A water outlet in a turorother prime mover for use in land clearing. See calyx. Also called bucketB size [ENG] 1. One of a series of sizes to which carrier. Of a sheet of paper, the dimen- Also known as elevating conveyor.

An electronic listening device,self-feeding, inclined bucket elevator for loading generally concealed, used for commercial or militarybulk materials into cars, trucks, or other conveyors. Seebucket temperature [ENG] The surface temperaturebullet. Abbreviated BWE.

An isolating circuit in an electronic that is fabricated by welding or riveting rathercomputer used to prevent the action of a driven than being rolled.

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See buffer amplifier. Abbrevi- pieces by exerting pressure inside the tube toated BFL. Bulygen numberor hand stowed, or is transported in large tank and other unique properties that depend on thespaces. A conical-nosed cylindricalbulkhead line [CIV ENG] The farthest of fshore weight, attached to a wire rope or line, eitherline to which a structure may be constructed notched or seated to engage and attach itself towithout interfering with navigation. Also known as bug; godevil;be used as a wharf by addition of mooring appurtenances,overshot. A scraper with self-adjustingpaving, and cargo-handling facilities.

A bullet-shapedvolume of paint. Also known as go-devil. An electricmany air spaces and, in most cases, by opacity lamp covered by a conical metal case, usually atto radiant heat. See torpedo. Also plane used to smooth or shape joints or otherknown as bulk modulus; compression modulus; places that cannot be reached by larger planes. A cylinder which has a ropewherein study of the behavior of matter neglects wound about it for lifting or hauling. A wheeleffects due to the surface of a system.

The disbumper[ENG] 1. A metal bar attached to one tance from a drill hole to the more or less verticalor both ends of a powered transportation vehicle, surface of rock that has already been exposedespecially an automobile, to prevent damage to by blasting or excavating. The volume of thethe body. In a drilling operation, the support- rock to be removed by blasting in a drill hole.

In drilling, a fishing tool burglar alarm [ENG] An alarm in which interforloosening jammed cable tools. Also known as intrusionEast. The part of a fluidbunker[CIV ENG] A bin, of ten elevated, that isdivided into compartments for storing materialburning device at which the flame is produced. A worker whobunkering [ENG] Storage of solid or liquid fuelalters the properties of a mineral substance byin containers from which the fuel can be continutorchto cut metals. A worker who uses a flame-cuttingously or intermittently withdrawn to feed a fursteamboiler which mixes and directs the flownace, internal combustion engine, or fuel tank,for example, coal bunkering and fuel-oil bunkercompletecombustion.

Also known as butterflypressure that a process vessel can safely withstand. A set of two or more electric con- hose head with revolving nozzles; used to washductors that serve as common connections be- down shipboard storage tanks. See busbar. A unit of or more cover plates or other strengthening volume dry measure used in the United States,equal to A small, round piece of to dress a concrete or stone surface.

Also known as dot. Also known as carbon but-metal or graphite-filled sintered metal, usually ton. A channelstructed as a series of buttresses. Cc See calorie. Also known as separator. A watertight, cylindrical or or jaws that can be adjusted for measuring linearrectangular chamber used in underwater con- dimensions, thickness, or diameter. See dry-dock caisson. Also meter [ENG] A calorimeter in which the heatknown as pier foundation.

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An equationmelting point to effect a thermal decomposition of state for steam whose temperature is wellor a phase transition other than melting. To heattemperature and resistance of platinum, ac-under oxidizing conditions. To pass a material between nated c. A unit of heat energy, equal torollers or plates to thin it into sheets or to make 4. Also known as Internationalit smooth and glossy. The machine which Table calorie IT calorie. A unit of energy,performs this operation. Also knownAlso known as meter-proving tank. A unit of heat energy equalcalibration curve [ENG] A plot of calibration to 4.

Alsodata, giving the correct value for each indicated known as thermochemical calorie. Also knowntion. In particular, in an atomic force microscopecenter portion and sloping at the sides. A strip placed along the metal plates insulated from each other by aangle between a wall and a ro of so that the dielectric and which introduces capacitance intoro of ing will not bend sharply. A strip placed a circuit, stores electrical energy, blocks the flowunder the edge of the lowest row of tiles on a of direct current, and permits the flow of alternat-ro of to give them the same slope as the other ing current to a degree dependent on the capacitiles.

Symcap[ENG] A detonating or blasting cap. Symbolized C. Formerly known as ing the value on a capacitor by means of dotscapacity. Also known as Lippmannelectrometer. Also known as principle of inac-accessible by a reversible or irreversible adiaderedto a pipe end, the solder flows by capillarcessibility. Also known as edgeboard connector.

Also knowntion in proximity to a reading device; some sysasConradson carbon test. The theorem car stop [ENG] An appliance used to arrest thethat all Carnot engines operating between two movement of a mine or railroad car. The theorem that any system by a nonrotary base as the axis. A mechanismdevice which, when placed in an engine and det-designed to hold a paper in the active por- onated, moves a piston, thereby starting thetion of a printing or typing device, for example, engine.

Also a water source maintained at a higher pressure. Also known as double limiter. To form a liquid or plastic subliquid-holdingvessels with stirrers, each con- stance into a fixed shape by letting it cool in thenected to an unstirred vessel in which solids or mold. Any object which is formed by placingheavy immiscible liquids settle out of suspen- a castable substance in a mold or form andsion; light liquid moves through the mixer-settler allowing it to solidify.

Also known as casting. A diamond-set coring bit with abling pulverizer that uses large lumps to do the few large diamonds or hard metal cutting pointspulverizing. Also known as padded bit. The inclination of the kingpincascading [ELEC] An effect in which a failure or its equivalent in automotive steering, which of an electrical power system causes this system is positive if the kingpin inclines forward, negatodraw excessive amounts of power from power tive if it inclines backward, and zero if it is verticalsystems which are interconnected with it, caus- as viewed along the axis of the front wheels.

A wheel which is free to swivel about an axiscent systems to fail in a similar manner, and so at right angles to the axis of the wheel, used t of orth. Abbreviated CR. Also known as scissor engine. A sudden failurecasting stress [MECH] Any stress that developsin a casting due to geometry and casting shrinkure. A failure whose occurrence can preventwithout warning, as opposed to degradation fail-age.

A basin at the pointammonia gas to form sodamide, which is contowhere a street gutter empties into a sewer, builtverted to cyanamide immediately; the cyanathroughcatch matter that would not easily passmide is converted to cyanide with charcoal. Also known on crawler tracks that is used to control wateras catalytic cracker. The primary source of electrons in cautious control [CONT SYS] A control law for aan electron tube; in directly heated tubes the stochastic adaptive control system which hedgesfilament is the cathode, and in indirectly heatedand uses lower gain when the estimates are un-tubes a coated metal cathode surrounds acertain.

Designated K. Also known as negativefor collecting ashes or raking the fire. The terminal of a semiconductorCavendish balance [ENG] An instrument fordiode that is negative with respect to the otherdetermining the constant of gravitation, in whichterminal when the diode is biased in the forwardone measures the displacement of two smalldirection. Abbreviated CRT. Also spelled calk. Also known asvariables of a system at a given time, and of the hollow wall.

Also known as determinism. Also known as non- size; gives information concerning quality level,anticipatory system; physical system.

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Also known as ceiling projector. Plugging a cavity or drill rected; the magnitude of the force depends onlyhole with cement. Also known as dental work. Consolidation of loose sediments or sand by point. A machine for mix- by a static fluid in which it is submerged oring, wetting, and applying refractory mortars to floating; located at the centroid of displaced volhotfurnace walls.

Also known as cement injec- ume. A mechanical device for the application center of force [MECH] The point toward or of cement or mortar to the walls or ro of s of mine from which a central force acts. Abbreviated cg. Abbreviated cm. Also known as center column of mercury 1 centimeter high, having a of momentum coordinate system. Abbreviated cmHg. Also known as sun gear. Abverseforce must be applied to avoid twisting of breviated CTC.

Also known as shear center. Also spelled centare. An outwardmetals or forming thermoplastic resins in which pseudo-force, in a reference frame that is rotat-the molten material solidifies in and conforms ing with respect to an inertial reference frame,to the shape of the inner surface of a heated, which is equal and opposite to the centripetalrapidly rotating container.

A rotating device forcentrifugal filter [ENG] An adaptation of the separating liquids of different specific gravitiescentrifugal settler; centrifugal action of a spinningor for separating suspended colloidal particles,container segregates heavy and light mate- such as clay particles in an aqueous suspension,rials but heavy materials escape through nozzles according to particle-size fractions by centrifugalas a thick slurry. A large motor-driven apparatus withcentrifugal filtration [MECH ENG] The removal a long arm, at the end of which human and of a liquid from a slurry by introducing the slurry animal subjects or equipment can be revolved Also known as radial acceleration.

Possessing a center of gravity. Also known as cesspit. CFIA See component-failure-impact analysis. A flexible series of metalture. A unit of volume, formerlycially in workshops. Also known as chain fall;used for measuring solid substances inchain hoist. Also known as bevcoalin a furnace, control the air for combustion,eling. A pathtarget positioning, or data-recording purposes. The main current pathchain riveting [ENG] Riveting consisting of riv- between the source and drain electrodes in aets one behind the other in rows along the seam.

A unit of volume in com- channeling machine [MECH ENG] An electrimonuse in the United Kingdom, equal to 36 cally powered machine that operates by a chippingbushels, or gallons, or approximatelyaction of three to five chisels while traveling Toration from the rock ledge in marble, limestone, convert electrical energy to chemical energy inand s of t sandstone quarries. Also known as a secondary battery.

To feed electrical energychanneler. A unit of an explosive, either by itselfwith a U-shape. To load a borehole with an explodepositingsurfaces for carbon black. The measchaosSee chaotic behavior. In refrigeration,ior is in effect unpredictable and cannot be dis- the quantity of refrigerant contained in a system. To introduce the refrigerant into a refrigerationit is strictly determinate in a mathematical sense. Abbreviatedan electronic device varies with the voltage orCCD. Also known as canister;carbon canister. A basic property of elementary charging pump [CHEM ENG] Pump that proparticles of matter; the charge of an object may vides pressurized fluid flow for the input of anbea positive or negative number or zero; only other unit, such as to a triplex pump that re-integral multiples of the proton charge occur, quires positive pressure.

Also known as that one appears superimposed on the other. The plot may be linear or curvilinear check. The enclosure used to shrink-fit parts of a floor plate with a distinctive raised pattern thatmold cavity in place to prevent spreading or dis- is used for walkways and platforms. To straighten checkers [ENG] Open brickwork in a checkerboardand clean threads on screws or pipes. A metal that is installed to hold a sliding elementframe for mounting the working parts of a radio in place, such as the lower part of a sash of aor other electronic device.

Also known as nonreturn valve. Also known as open-wellis sensitive to specific molecular interactions becaisson. Also known as Child-Langordinarygate electrode is replaced by a chemition;Langmuir-Child equation. Also known as Amer-horizontal member of a truss. Also known as electric circuit theory. Abbreviated cir mil. Motion of a particle tation, use and control of water, or occupancy.

StratificationClapeyron equation. See grading. Also known as Clawitha low solid-liquid ratio; in some instances peyron-Clausius equation; Clapeyron equation.