Never Give Up on Your Dream: My Journey

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First I would like to clear one point in here. I am not trying to be negative or pessimistic. I am simply asking few questions including the one I even cannot answer to myself. How many people out there actually have a dream or they know what exactly their dream are? For me it took quite a while what I want to be, what is my dream and I am still not sure whether I will like my dream and will live happily ever after if once I reach my dream.

Because at the end it is a dream that has never came true yet. Ok I am asking you again.

Lucid Dreaming Motivation - Why You Should NEVER Give Up!

Having some key point which you may imagine as a finish line. No ,I am talking about your dreams. Just take a few seconds to think about this simple question. I am sure some of you will realize in a horrific reality that they do not know their dream yet. Do something good for yourself and think about what do you want, what do you want to be.

Go to a remote place, where you can only listen to yourself, talk with people and ask them what they see in you, try different and new things in your life, maybe your dream will be waiting for you in one of the corners of a dark street. Serious, before you start motivating other people not to give up on their dreams, you should find yours first.

Do not give up finding your dreams. It will rain, but once the rain is over, the sun will come out again. You will definitely experience setbacks and failures, but if you endure them and if you embrace them, once they are over, success and good times will come. So tell yourself that going through failure and setback are very normal. And without them, you can never truly be successful. This is the first step; you need to understand success and failure are the 2 sides of a coin , and you cannot have one without the other.

The final chapter of your life is not written yet , so you still have the chance to bounce back and take action again. A lot of people thought that when they fail, they lose. No, often it is not. When you fail, it indicates that you are just going through a speed bump along the journey. You did not really fail. It is just a learning curve.

Whatever has happened does not have to become your reality. If you fail now, it does not mean that you will fail again in the next attempt. Therefore, you do not have to give up on your dreams. And you are not conditioned by your past results either. If you are bad in accounting or managing your business, you can learn, or you can just outsource or delegate the task. Yes, you may not be very skillful in doing something, but if you are committed, you can learn. Success is a journey, and you can learn the skills to get there.

Do you think Michael Jordan was born with superb basketball skill? Not at all, in fact, he gained the skills through daily practice and constantly perfected his move. The winner was not born; it is through deliberate practice and constantly improving the skill. Do you think that Lionel Messi got all his skills naturally? Remember, what truly matters is the journey and who you have become along the way that counts. If you want to be a successful writer, then become a writer and do what a writer supposed to do, just write.

If you want to be a businessman, then be and act like a businessman. Do what a businessman should do, manage your business and run your business. If you want to be a successful singer, just sing.

Learn to sing, train to sing and be ready for the opportunity that will come to you. This is the third step you need to take, to constantly remind yourself why you started in the first place. So why do you started? Do you want to be successful? Why do you want to be successful? What are your dreams and why do you want to accomplish them? Remembering your purpose is one of the most powerful ways to stay connected with your dreams and have your dreams to motivate you every moment. Do you know that people who have strong and emotional reasons to achieve their dreams usually are the ones that did?

Without a strong purpose, you will lose motivation and wanted to quit when you face with rejections and failures. You can tell from people who smoke. I have heard stories why people successful quit their smoking habit, and usually their reasons are very emotional. Imagine when you visit the doctor, and he tells you that if you continue to smoke, you can never live past your next 3 months, what would you do?

You will stop smoking no matter what. You will never touch a cigarette ever again. Simple, the purpose has become so strong and so emotional that you will do whatever it takes to stop smoking. And this is exactly what you need to do with your dreams. Find strong and emotional purposes why you want to accomplish them.

When your reasons are strong enough, they will drive you and motivate you when the tough times come. List down all your reasons why you want to accomplish your dreams and achieve your goals. List down as much as possible and make them as emotional as possible. Read through this list every single morning before you start your day. You can add or amend your list, or you can even choose to write them every day. Whatever you do, make sure you remind yourself of why you started in the first place.

Your reasons will become the fuel that drives you through all the setbacks and failures. The next step you need to take is to imagine all the good things that come along when you achieved your dreams. What are the great results that you will receive? Are you going to be richer? Are you going to have a million dollar in your bank account? Do you want to change your car? Do you want to buy a house for your mother? Do you want to bring your parents to vacation? Do you want to bring your family to travel around the world?

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What are the good things that will come to you if you accomplished your goals and dreams? This is often referred to as the pull motivation. You use the positive association with your dreams to motivate you. Imagine all the amazing things you are going to be, do and have if you reach your dreams right now. Make it as fun and exciting as possible. Do you want to race camels in the Egypt?

Do you want to drive and race Ferrari in Abu Dhabi?

35 Uplifting Quotes to Help You Live Your Purpose

Do you want to own a yacht? Do you want to travel to the most exotic location on Earth? Keeping faith in my dream, I turned down all scholarship offers and went to LSU as a walk-on. My friends and family thought I was crazy. I faced even more challenges at LSU but I was determined to overcome any obstacle that was thrown in my path.

I learned that it is very important to keep faith in God and to never give up on your dreams. Anything is possible for him who believes. Jerel Hill October 13, 3 4. As I lived out my dreams it became so clear to me. That whatever you believe is possible for you is indeed possible through faith, hard work and determination. Greatness is a trait that everyone on Earth has deeply embedded within them. There is no secret to success. Many people go through life wishing and hoping that they will become successful.

What is success? I began to ask myself this very question. Finally, I figured out personally what success is for me. My definition of success is: Following the path that the Most High Almighty God has for me, while totally trusting in Him to give me the desires of my heart. I consider anyone who passionately pursues what they want in life that does not give up as a successful person. Many people may support your ambitions but most will shoot your dreams down with no hesitation. They feel that dreams are not reality and that it is their job to bring you back down to earth with their pessimism.

Others believe they are just warning you from the possibility of failure and disappointment. When you share your goals with these types of people they quickly speak on how things could go wrong and how unlikely success really is. Beware of dream killers! In their hearts, they think they are providing you with sound advice. But really, they are only attempting to plant a seed of doubt in your mind, whether they are conscious of it or not.

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That would be deemed unrealistic and it was but the Wright Brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright did not hold that belief. I am almost absolutely certain that most people thought they were crazy. These two brothers had passion, enthusiasm, and were committed to their goal despite the doubt of non-believers. If it was not for their vision and dream, we might not have airplanes to transport us around the world today.

What if the Wright Brothers had listened and gave heed to their critics? What if they allowed dream killers to kill their vision?

Never Give Up

Thankfully, we are flying today because they did not give up on what they believed. We must understand that not everyone will see our vision. People who lack vision are frequently resentful of those who do and they will desperately await an opportunity to slay another's dream. Many times it is not until our peers start seeing our actions to support our dreams that they will stick around to see what becomes of them. When you are taking the necessary steps to accomplish your goals your critics will 6 7.

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Do not allow that person's lack of faith, no matter how well-intentioned, stop you from dreaming big and achieving your personal dream or goal. It is too easy for those around you, who are hopelessly entangled in their own mediocrity, to condemn you for attempting to follow your dream, or acting to carry out your great idea.

Many people will try to talk you out of your greatness! Do you realize that you have greatness within you? Did you know that you have the power to become legendary and achieve the goals you have set for yourself? In this book, I will share my personal story with you to inspire you to chase your dreams by any means necessary.

Never let anyone deceive you into thinking it is not possible. I am a firm believer that if you never give up, you will never fail. I am truly a witness. You may have dreams to be a famous entertainer, a lawyer, or even a professional sports star and a dream killer will give you reasons why you cannot achieve these goals. Also, statistics show that you have a one-in-amillion chance to become that.

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Take a moment to reflect on your life. How many times have the people whom you are closest to end up talking you out of doing something that you believe you can do? Sometimes, the best way to avoid dream killers is by keeping your dreams to yourself.