Spirituality across Disciplines: Research and Practice:

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Environmental issues and spirituality: Tracing the past and making contemporary connections; Jane Bone. The states of spiritual communication in part : Exploring the sharing of meaning; John L. Hochheimer, Timothy Huffman and Sharon Lauricella. Spirituality in management; Eleni Tzouramani and Fahri Karakas.

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Spirituality and the arts: Interwoven landscapes of identities and meaning; Marni Binder. Nurturing spirituality through picture books in children's literature: A focus on the Upton's Golliwogg stories; Olga Buttigieg. Taoism through Tai Chi Chuan: Physical culture as religious or holistic spirituality?

Understandings and applications of contemporary spirituality - Analysing the voices; Marian de Souza and Jacqueline Watson. Du kanske gillar. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. This book collects multiple disciplinary voices which explore current research and perspectives to discuss how spirituality is understood, interpreted and applied in a range of contexts.

It addresses spirituality in combination with such topics as Christian mysticism, childhood and adolescent education, midwifery, and sustainability.

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It links spirituality to a variety of disciplines, including cognitive neuroscience, sociology, and psychology. Finally, it discusses the application of spirituality within the context of social work, teaching, health care, and occupational therapy. A final chapter provides an analytical discussion of the different voices that appear in the book and offers a holistic description of spirituality which has the potential to bring some unity to the meaning, expression and practice of spirituality across a variety of disciplines as well as across cultural, religious and secular worldviews.

The book takes the difficult topic of spirituality into almost every nook and cranny of personal and professional life. There is a persistent grasping of the contentiousness of the topic, together with addressing counter positions and utilizing updated research across a range of fields in doing this. This will not only help you remain confident, and grow in your relationship. Self-reflection is another tool that will help you examine the heart and stay spiritually fit. This also nurtures our relationship with the Lord. No one like the word submission.

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But submission to God's will allows us to free our burdens, and cares, so we can follow Jesus. Following our own heart all the time could lead us down the wrong path, our will can get us in trouble, when we know we in our hearts it's wrong for us.

5 Ways to Develop Spiritual Disciplines in Your Workday

Put what you learned onto practice over the years. If you can't do this on your own, find a friend to get you started.

Find a prayer partner to help you remain on track and where you can support each other at least once a week. Yet, in all the losses that Beth has experienced, she has and continues to be attentive to holding all before God, offering her own deep response to the pain again, and again, and again.

Throughout the book we are provided with the privilege and opportunity to do the same.

Spirituality across Disciplines: Research and Practice:

And you know what? Over time, we may discover that the broken hallelujahs in our own lives are the very things that take us deeper into the unbroken hallelujah. O may it be so! Thank you, Beth. Beth's new book Broken Hallelujahs is a beautiful reflection on loss and love and finding God again after God's silence. Through her stories and the exercises and practices included at the end of each chapter, Beth gives us the tools we need to process our grief and help us connect to God and actually move on toward healing.

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As I read it, I began to see some of my own experience of loss through the lens she provided. Reading her story is a hopeful encounter, one I would wish for anyone struggling with loss.

And at some point, that will be all of us. But at some point it became clear that life really is broken. If we are not prepared for this—and few of us are—it can lead to disillusionment and loss of faith. In this beautiful book, Beth Slevcove invites us to accompany her on her own journey of loss and tragedy.

I often cried along as I recognized many elements in common with my own experience. I was challenged by her determination to find God in the midst of it without turning away from reality. In the end, her ability to still say hallelujah through the tears and in the midst of the mess is deeply inspiring. This is a charming, sometimes poetic book with profound insights, and it is also a book that I will return to again and again, since each chapter ends with prayer practices and exercises for seeking and occasionally wrestling with God.

Spirituality Across Disciplines

But when given the perspective of a wise, experienced—and above all—tender guide, it can lead to wellspring of a deeper life. Writing in prose that bends toward poetry, Beth Slevcove is precisely such a guide. Using her own losses and her own life to lead us to the truths that lie amidst our own life fragments, Beth asks and attends to the hardest questions of life and faith with candor, courage, vulnerability and a wit that will make you sigh deeply and smile amidst your tears.

This is a simply splendid book. This book is simply eloquent, profoundly wise, inspiring and practical. It is a truly fresh perspective on the reality of grieving our losses as we progress through our lives. With the gentleness of a spiritual director, she offers earthy and practical wisdom for navigating life's inevitable difficulties. This book makes me hungry to discover paths through pain and loss that are more honest, creative and God-conscious.